Our Tours

Choose an itinerary or create one of your own and leave the rest to us  

North Loop

Experience the history of Mongolia: Walking in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, in the region which was the ancient capital Karakorumand visiting important Buddhist temples like the ancient Monastery Erdene Zii Khiid and the Monastery Amarbayasgalant Khiid.
Enjoy a stroll through the Hustai Nature Reserve to observe the Takhi horses, the only purely wild horses in the world!! There will also be time for relaxation and comfort in the Tsenkher Hot Spring.
We will pass by volcanic soil and large lakes in Khorgo-Trekhiin Tsagaan Nuur and the Huvsgul National Park while meeting nomadic families in the area. A complete experience: history, nature and friendship.

Winter Tour

Come and enjoy with us the Khubsgul Ice Festival in March: ice sumo wrestling, horse sledge races, ice sculptures, skating marathon, shaman ceremonies…meet the local people and our traditions.

Feb 28th – Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.

March 1st – Flight to Moron.

March 2nd – Drive to Khatgal village to see the opening cerymonye of the Khubsgul Ice Festival. Overnight in a tourist camp.

March 3rd – Enjoy the Ice Festival: Ice carving, national folklore… Ride horse sledge and dog sledge by the lake. Overnight in a tourist camp.

March 4th – Drive towards Renchinlkhumbe. 5 hours drive, overnight in a Motel.

March 5th – Drive to Tsagaan nuur and Reindeer herders. Overnight in a Tepee.

March 6th – Stay with Tsaatan people visiting families sharing traditions and customs.

March 7thRide reindeer to the wilderness of nature forest area . Camping in the Tepee.

March 8th – 4 hours riding reindeers down to Tengis river.

March 9th – Meet the reindeer people and ride.

March 10th – Drive to Ulaan uul.

March 11thDrive to Moron. Overnight at a hotel.

March 12th – Flight back to Ulaan baatar.

March 13th – Departure day.

North Mongolia

Choose your route: From one to 14 days on horseback. Moving from the Mongolian Steppe to the Taiga, two splendid landscapes where you feel the freedom of being a nomad: jogging between free-grazing herds, camping around a fire, feeling comforted by a family meeting.

And getting to one of the remote Tsaatan villages: a culture that is far yet endearing, The Reinder People.

On the way, we will visit the symbols of the area: the Ovoos, the Deer stones. You can relax around Khatgal, and stroll along the Khuvsgul Lake or cross it by boat or kayak.

Option 1

1st day – Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. We will welcome you and pick you up from airport

2nd day – Flight to Moron

3th day – Drive to countryside, camping on beautiful spot in Darhad valley

4th day – Visit a nomad family and get ready for the riding

5th day – Journey riding towards the mountain ( 3 hours riding )

6th day – Horse riding journey, arrive to a gorgeous lake (3-4 hours riding )

7th day – Day for relax and swim on the lake

8th day – Ride down to Tengis River, camp next to the bay of river (3 -4 hours riding )

9th day – Riding towards the Joshim Lake (4-5 hours riding)

10th day – Stay at Joshim Lake, relaxing or hiking

11th day – Stay at Joshim Lake: fishing , swimming, or riding horse

12th day – Ride back to Tengis River (4 -5 hours riding )

13th day – Ride to Reindeer Nomads’ Camp (3.5 hours riding )

14th day – Stay with the Reindeer families sharing tradition and customs

15th day – Stay with the Reindeer families: relaxing, riding reindeers, hiking

16th day – Ride back to the Nomad Family and get the car (nigth camping)

17 th day – Drive towards Khubsgul Lake

18th day – Stay on the Khubsgul Lake bay

19th day – Drive to the tourist camp: Party night there!!

20th day – Drive to Moron and flight back to Ulaanbaatar

21th day – Visit the ancient museums and enjoy a Mongol Ansambl’s Concert

Option 2

1st day – Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. We will welcome you and pick you up from airport

2nd day – Drive to Moron by minibus or landcruiser and camp on the countryside

3th day – Moron, stay in Reindeer Tours Guest House

4th day – Drive to Tsagannuur, on the way, camp on nice spot at Darhad Valley

5th day – Visit a nomad family and get ready for the riding

6th day – Riding  towards the forest mountain ( 3 hours riding)

7th day – Ride over the mountains and arrive at Black Lake (3-4 hours riding)

8th day – Day for relax and swim on the Black Lake

9th day – Ride to Tengis River (3-4 hours riding)

10th day – Ride to Reindeer Nomads’ Camp (3.5 hours riding )

11th day – Stay with the Reindeer families sharing tradition and customs

12th day – Ride back to the Nomad Family, get the car and drive to Khubsgul Lake

13th day – Stay on the Khubsgul Lake bay

14th day – Stay on tourist camp: Party night there!!

15th day – Drive to Moron

West Loop

In an environment surrounded by high mountains, the Eagle Festival is celebrated. Do not miss this amazing encounter with the Kazakh hunters. Towards the end of September, the Kazakh families gather in the wild Althair Mountains. The proud manners of the riders with their imperial eagles and portrayal of hunting skills make you fascinated by this proud, strong and friendly people.

Western Mongolia

Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain Area (15 th of july till 4th of august)

1st day – Arrive in ulaan baatar stay at hotel

2nd day – Fly to Olgi stay at  (guest house )

3th day – Stay at Olgii and shopping for the trip (stay in guest house )

4th day – Drive to khoton and khurgan lake (stay at ger )

5th day – Stay at khazakh nomad family interest eagle hunters and share culture ( stay at ger )

6th day – Ride to the Ih tvrgen water fall  (camping)

7th day – Ride along the khoton lake ( campimg )

8th day – Ride to ranger station after chek in continue to ride (camping)

9th day – Ride up to the valley  (camping )

10 th day – Ride over  the pass to shiveet hairhan mountain (camping )

11th day – Ride to tavan bogd base camp ( stay at ger )

12th day – Ride to malchin peak to see the glacier (camping )

13th day – Climb to malchin peak

14th day – Ride back to base camp

15th day – Drive back to olgii on the way to see tomb stones and visit to throat singer

16th day – Flight back to ulaan baatar

Golden Eagle Festival

First week of october (usually)

1th day – Arrive in ub

2nd day – Fly to olgii

3th day – Drive to see the eagle festival and tonight back to olgii

4th day – Drive to see eagle festival and tonight stay in guest house

5th day – Drive to tavan bogd mountain range ( saty in a ger)

6th day – Ride to tavan bogd base camp  (camping )

7th day – Climb to Malchin peak

8th day – Ride back to base camp

9th day – Drive back to olgii on the way to see tomb stones

10th day – Flight back to ub.

South Loop – The Gobi

The Gobi, being both wide and beautiful, is a place you should not miss. A stroll on camels through the Sand Dunes of Khongoriin Els will make you feel like an adventurer entering the Silk Road. The stunning landscapes and rock formations in Tsagaan Suvarga, «the White Stupa» and the ‘Eagle Valley‘ are definitely worth a visit. So is the adventure of seeking the remains of ancient dinosaurs in Bayanzag «Flaming Cliffs, or ruins of ancient castles and monasteries: the Ongi and Tuvkhun Monasteries.

Gobi is not just a desert. It is a complete experience for the senses.

1th day – Pick you up in Ulaan baatar.

2nd day – Drive towards Gobi and arrive to Tsagaansuwarga, at night stay in a guests ger who has camel herding.

3th day – Visit Eoliin am (Canion), overnight in a guest ger.

4th day – Drive to Khongor sand dune, at night stay at tourist camp.

5th day – Ride camel on the sand dune, see the sun set from dune.

6th day – Drive to Bayan zag (flaming cliffs) stay at guests ger.

7th day – Visit the Ongi monastery, stay at guests ger.

8th day – Take a rest in the Tsenher hot spring camp where you can swim in the pool.

9th day – Visit to nomads, sharing culture, hiking and then back to camp.

10th day – Drive to Orkhon valley to see the waterfall (Ulaan tsutgalan)

11th day – Visit the Erdene zuu monastery (Karkhorum city), stay at guest house.

12th day – Drive back to Ulaan baatar, on the way visit the Khustai national park.

13th day – City tour today, you can do shopping and visit the Black market.

14th day – Departure day.

Around Ullanbaatar

One of the great events in Mongolia is the Naadam Festival, held between July 11-12th, and it is a unique opportunity to get to know the culture of these people, descended from Genghis Khan. Their equestrian skills, the Mongolian struggles, ceremonies… All an experience you can have by visiting the area of Ullanbataar.

You will see environments that are both fascinating and different from other natural environments such as Baga Gazriin Chuluu, «The Earth Stone«, the Terelj National Park or the Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dune. You will be able to observe the only breed of genuinely wild horses in the world, the Takhi horses in the Hustai Nature Reserve. At the foot of The Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue and walking around Karakorum, you will feel the weight of the past conquests and the tradition.

Feel the force of Mongolia; a proud and friendly people who welcome and captivate you.